SOB… they’ve gone

VIDEO: Tinsley Towers blast drama – M1 reopens – The Star.

The Tinsley cooling towers, one of the few landmarks in Sheffield, have finally gone.  After years of wrangling about whether they should be demolished or not, Eon, who owned them, did the deed and blew them up.

Of course, with them being so close to the M1 (less than 12 metres away), they had to do it at 3am in the morning.  But that just lends the whole scene (watch the video above) a real eerie, ghostly feel as they go sown and especially when they realise that – oops! – they haven’t quite demolished one of them.

It won’t be the same, going to Meadowhall, any more (the towers weren’t far at all from the shopping centre), especially as the Supertram route runs pretty much under the  Tinsley Viaduct, which carries the M1 at junction 34, so you went right by the base of the towers.  It’ll be a little strange doing that – so I’ll have to do the trip at least one more time, just to see the difference (which, I know, makes me the equivalent of those who were holding up the M1 taking photos this morning, but hey! you’ve got to.  Right?)